Happy New Year

The last time I posted was at the beginning of the month. We had been ill. Things didn’t get any better. On 12th December we had a bit of a gathering in anticipation of Christmas. It was good fun, the last good fun we had. Oh woe are we! On 13th Whizz reported to Accident […]

A slight improvement

Firstly I have to apologise to my husband for the implication that he is too lazy to cook. The reason that cooking seemed too much trouble for him yesterday was that he has been poorly too. My comment that I don’t know why I bother was more to do with the fact that he’s more […]

What I haven’t done

Today I’ve been ill, nothing serious, just a cold but I haven’t had a cold in years so it’s been particularly horrid. So here’s what I haven’t done: No washing up … No recycling … No dog walking. Whizz took him but the dog looked a bit worried… No cooking – to speak of. To […]